Nursing Changes You

The following piece is written by Miami IWW member, Scott Nikolas Nappalos . It’s an insightful anecdote of how working in the health care system greatly affects medical workers and patients. We highly… Continue reading

Missing from the Monday Meeting

Have you ever had a co-worker missing from work on Monday to find out that they were suddenly let go on Friday? Miami IWW member Adam Weaver reflects on finding himself in that… Continue reading

La Alzada in Miami:A drawing by Monica Kostas

The following drawing is a moment captured from our March 8th event “International Women’s Day” with a member of La Alzada, an anarchist-feminist group from Chile. Miami IWW member, Monica Kostas, drew this… Continue reading

Healthcare Statement

The following statement was written by Miami IWW heath care workers. It calls into action against   future budget cuts that will deeply affect the health care system in Miami.  They plan to… Continue reading

Our Jobs, Our Stories

Half our waking hours are spent on the job, consuming the lion’s share of our time. Our years are woven with stories of work told around the dinner table, breakroom, and bars. Yet… Continue reading

La Alzada – International Women’s Day

This Saturday, on International Women’s Day, the South FL IWW, and MAS would like to invite you to share an afternoon with a member of La Alzada, an anarcha-feminist organization from Chile. We… Continue reading

Being a woman organizer isn’t easy

The following article is written by Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra, and was featured in March 2014 issue of the Industrial Worker. In this piece she shares her tribulations of facing gender expectations in her… Continue reading

Declaration of Internationalists against the war in Ukraine

We are sharing this statement from Russian and Eastern European anarchosyndicalists and internationalists against war from March given the escalating situation in Ukraine and Russia. International action and solidarity against state aggression and… Continue reading

Lunch Lady Land: Reflections on a Unionization Drive from a Radical Food Service Worker

The following piece is a repost of Fnordie’s recent piece that was published in WSA’s Ideas and Action section . He provides an excellent anecdote of organizing in a college cafeteria where he build solid connections… Continue reading

Caring for The Aged

The following piece is a poem by Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra. She expresses the hardships of being a certified nursing assistant who witness her patients  falling victims to a profit based health… Continue reading