Support IWW Freshii Organizers (Chicago) Who Have Faced Retaliation for Union Activity! DONATE Today!

We are reposting a current donation campaign statement  from fellow workers/organizers in IWW Freshii Workers Union. We  highly recommend everyone to please donate as much as you can. The fellow workers are facing harsh retaliations that are affecting… Continue reading

Reflections on the Montreal Student Movement Convention

The following piece is an anecdote of Miami IWW member, Michael Russo, experience in this year  Montreal Student Movement Convention.    By Michael Russo Several weeks ago, I traveled to Canada to attend the Montreal… Continue reading

Bad Ideas Part 2: Average Wobbly Time

We are re-posting the following piece from Thoughts on the Struggle. It is a very insightful piece that highlights the trouble wobblies face with time and engagement.   When organizing  goes up and down  and there a… Continue reading

Review of Emile Zola’s Germinal

  The following piece is a review of Emile Zola’s novel, Germinal, written by Miami IWW member, Scott Nikolas Nappalos.      By Scott Nikolas Nappalos   Germinal is a novel written in 1885 by Emile Zola, a famous… Continue reading

A Misstep On the Floor: Lessons from a CNA

The following piece  is written by Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra. In this article she provides an anecdote of her recent organizing experience as a C.N.A. It shares powerful insights of the harsh conditions… Continue reading

From the SoFla GMB – Happy Birthday IWW

Celebrating 109 years of the Industrial Workers of the World! 1905 – 2014

Olas del Caribe

  Today we share a morsel of South Florida history and its visceral connection with the Caribbean. SoFla IWW member, Monica Kostas, gives us an illustration called “Olas del Caribe” and tells us… Continue reading

It’s Sunday in Colombia

Miami IWW member, AB Kunin, took the previous picture in his trip to Bogota, Colombia. It was taken during the recent election on Sunday May 25, 2014. He was taking a walk  to an… Continue reading

Reclaiming Time on the Clock

Musings from a library worker about the burdens of wage labor, dreams of liberation, & reclaiming your time on the clock. By Chuck Allen I wrote this on the clock I’ve never been… Continue reading

Answer for the Future

The following piece is a poem by  Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra. In this poem, she expresses her frustration of how the deficiency of social movements is creating a lack of confidence among… Continue reading