Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Solidarity with the victims of the Suruc massacre

We’re reposting the statement from Black Rose Anarchist Federation on the recent suicide bombing in Turkey that was attacked 300 people preparing to enter Rojava in Syria and help with the rebuilding effort. We mourn the tragedy… Continue reading

Life Under Austerity

The following piece is a repost from Jacobin. A fellow worker from New York IWW, Erik Forman, interviewed Eleni Eleftherios, a fast-food worker from Thessaloniki, Greece who is a active member of the… Continue reading

Building Workers’ Power in the United Kingdom

The following piece is a repost from libcom. It is originally published in the recent issue of the Industrial Worker, specifically in its’ Worker Power Column. It is a great piece by the… Continue reading

Centralization In Industry

The following is a repost from libcom. It is an article published by the Southern District of the IWW’s IU 120, the industrial union of timber workers during the early 1910s. It was… Continue reading