Support IWW Freshii Organizers (Chicago) Who Have Faced Retaliation for Union Activity! DONATE Today!


We are reposting a current donation campaign statement  from fellow workers/organizers in IWW Freshii Workers Union. We  highly recommend everyone to please donate as much as you can. The fellow workers are facing harsh retaliations that are affecting their livelihood and the best thing we could do now is provide donations. You can donate here  or here .


Help Needed for IWW Freshii Workers’ Union Organizers

Last month, Freshii workers at 200 w Randolph in Chicago marched on their boss to demand the return of nearly $2,000 in stolen wages and union recognition. Of the two demands, the stolen wages were returned to the workers. While the fight for union recognition continues, Heather Sprigler has been illegally fired in retaliation for her role in the organizing efforts. Last week, Alison Olhava fell ill and her boss, Peter Irie, cut her hours from a normal 35 a week to a dismal 8. Peter has refused to meet with Alison and her IWW representatives to discuss this change in scheduling.

While ULPs have been filed, Alison and Heather are roommates and their household is badly in need of financial support. Neither Heather nor Alison are paid organizers and both rely on wage work. Their household includes Alison, her partner who is currently seeking employment, Heather, her two year old son Santiago, and Alison’s 9 month old puppy.

All money raised will go toward basic necessities like rent, bills, and keeping food on the table. If additional funds are raised, it will be used to support the IWW Freshii Workers’ Union in other ways. Please stay tuned to our facebook for details on an upcoming action to support Freshii workers!