It’s Sunday in Colombia


Miami IWW member, AB Kunin, took the previous picture in his trip to Bogota, Colombia. It was taken during the recent election on Sunday May 25, 2014. He was taking a walk  to an outdoor market ,that’s only open on Sunday’s ,in an affluent neighborhood when he took this image.  Overall, it a great photo that displays a nice contrast between the militia and the older gentlemen which highlights the political tension that persist today in Colombia. Not only that, he also wrote an amazing anecdote(located below) of how he took this image. It is an exciting piece to read. 

By AB Kunin


There is a quietness in the streets as we pass through them searching for the market. It’s Sunday May 25th, election day, a new president will be selected in Colombia. People are out to vote. You can smell and feel the pollution lingering. Its as thick as the eerie silence that is waiting to be broken. From street corner to street corner policia militar shuffle back and forth with their military grade weapon. I on the other hand come prepared, for this time I  do my on own dance, moving side to side a little bit up and a little back I lift my hands point and as the man with his high powered rifle looks into the distance I pull my trigger.  Boom! Hands down eyes forward and continue on. The officer never knew what hit him. Eyes unceasingly moving left right up down searching for something new. I turn left at the corner. Older gentleman graciously drifting through the streets hand behind his back. He takes this wonderful form as he walks. Boom! Click! Hand back in bag. I move on.