Answer for the Future

foetcxThe following piece is a poem by  Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra. In this poem, she expresses her frustration of how the deficiency of social movements is creating a lack of confidence among militants. She emphasizes the need to go beyond just reading historical pieces and to begin using one’s creativity. To develop our ideas as organizers and continue to fight for a better world.





By Luz Sierra


Is change possible

In the realm of negation

Where feelings is nothing but a reflection

Of the ideas floating around us

Following through our mouths

Swimming inside the red pool spread within

Until our minds resembles the glass in front of us


A unknown past have became our tool for hope

Unable to the break the chain of pain

Seen in their eyes, words, and scars

Where only a few dare to use

Yet we are stuck in time

Unable to unglue our hands from pages of our predecessors

Hoarding our rooms with their voices

Silencing the ideas in us


We are small they say

Filled with dreams one can’t build alone

Unable to fit in this scattered world

Blocked by the shadow of the one we hate


Warriors of freedom

Drop your worn out shoes

And listen

Allow your muscles of hope rebuild itself

Embrace the eeriness around us


Sink into the whirlpool of imagination

Search for the words

Waiting to be molded to the answer we all been looking for

The missing piece between our ideals and reality


Don’t let them push us aside

To pull our arms away from those we fight for

And hold on tight to the ones that dare

To crack the chambers of oppression