Caring for The Aged

oldThe following piece is a poem by Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra. She expresses the hardships of being a certified nursing assistant who witness her patients  falling victims to a profit based health care system.  As she  cared for the elderly for over four years, she  recognizes how they are neglected the care needed and deprived for their wealth.  It is a great sentimental anecdote that many health care workers could relate to.  

By Luz Sierra

Walking beneath brown tile floors

I pass several rooms besides me

An aged soul resting in each

Waiting for a promise given by birth

To cover their eyes with darkness


As each day get dimmer

Angels covered in white from head to toe

Manage to keep their eyes open

As we surrender our arms and legs

Replacing theirs until the final grain of sand drops


I am a chattered angel

Watching wrinkle children stepping into a cold building,

A cage controlled by men who lust for capital,

Grabbing all they need until each child disperse


No matter how much,

I hold those cold and pale hands,

I tend their open wounds,

I lend my ears for understanding,

I share a loving smile,

They cannot look into the
light for too long,

As one’s fortune is running with time,

And it’s getting harder to gulp air each day.


I sometimes wonder,

How long can I practice this art of care?

How many images of final breaths can I collect?

How can I allow such wicked institution to persist?

Haven’t my wings suffered enough pain?

Haven’t I shed enough tears?


I cannot remorse anymore,

For there’s other moaning angels searching for hands,

To unite against this lethal toxic system.


I cease the day tyrants will no longer suck innocent lives away,

When a wall of militants will protect all his preys,

Shattering teeths,

Draining their power,

Ending promises.