Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Lunch Lady Land: Reflections on a Unionization Drive from a Radical Food Service Worker

The following piece is a repost of Fnordie’s recent piece that was published in WSA’s Ideas and Action section . He provides an excellent anecdote of organizing in a college cafeteria where he build solid connections… Continue reading

Caring for The Aged

The following piece is a poem by Miami IWW member, Luz Sierra. She expresses the hardships of being a certified nursing assistant who witness her patients  falling victims to a profit based health… Continue reading

Audio: SeaSol on direct action against landlords and bosses

Audio: SeaSol on direct action against landlords and bosses The previous link is a follow up from yesterday’s post of interview with Matt from Seasol. In this audio Matt discusses further of… Continue reading

Interview with the Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol), 2010

The following piece is a re-post of  interview with Matt . He is a Seasol member, a solidarity network in Seattle,  from its formation until now. In his interview, he provided… Continue reading

What Went Wrong With the Organizing: The elephant in the room of political will

Organizing has taken a new direction in our current society where we have to build movements rather than join. A  new level of commitment is needed. Miami IWW member, Scott Nikolas Nappalos, provided a… Continue reading